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Business Planning

Stories performing in every corner of the world,  our company creates the most splendid among the interaction of people. Every enterprise needs industry’s and consumers’ recognition during its start to success stage, and the key role leading to success is the construction of corporate image. We have signed long-term contracts for building corporate image for many large enterprise, and working on them by right positioning enterprises, making unique business strategy and promotion to omni-direction through social media and online/offline events.

Market Positioning

Right positioning your enterprise can optimize the corporate image in the fast-changing market. Know the enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat.

  • Unique development strategy making based on company history
  • Characteristics of products analyzing, right positioning your enterprise
  • Current corporate image analyzing and suggestion
  • Future development and position suggesting
  • Client groups analysis
  • Promotion for specific client groups
  • Sales plan formulation

Media Promotion

  • Products deep analyzing
  • Product package re-design
  • Promotion optimization
  • Original production

Online Promotion

  • Wechat original articles
  • Wechat platform management
  • Optimize online promotion
  • Online promotion articles
  • Website front-end data collection and analysis
  • Website back-end client data analysis
  • Online corporate image maintenance
  • Company registration on Google and other portal sites

Off-line Promotion

  • Original live game planning
  • Short trip planning
  • Original lecture planning
  • Market feedback survey
  • Party planning
  • Enterprise product launch conference
  • Paper based promotion